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***SPAM*** Re: Updated the ocean freight of Jan from China to US ! ! !

Dear CEO

Good day for you !
Nice to meet you ,this is Ray from China RHL Freight Agent .

Shanghai / Ningbo to LAX
O/F : USD 8000/40HQ

Shanghai / Ningbo to NYC
O/F : USD 13000/40HQ

Qingdao to LAX
O/F : USD 10000/40HQ

Qingdao to NYC
O/F : USD 16500/40HQ

Shenzhen to LAX
O/F : USD 8000/40HQ

Shenzhen to NYC
O/F : USD 13500/40HQ

If have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards.

Realhong Logistics Co,.Ltd. Shanghai Head Office
Ray Lee / General Manager
USA FMC : 030210
MOC-NVOCC NO.: 00025
WCA NO.: 81394
Email : raylee@realhong.com
Website : %W@GJ$ACOF(TYDYECOKVDYB.png” style=”background:url(https://www.hulsingcrm.com:9443/ftmss/resources/components/ueditor-1.4.3/lang/zh-cn/images/localimage.png) no-repeat center center;border:1px solid #ddd”/>www.realhonglee.com

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