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***SPAM*** Re: Artificial grass top 10 northern China

Dear friend,

This is artificial lawn grass turf manufacturing top 10 in north of China, there are 5 major features of our products:

(1) high-brightness unique double backing technology, equipped with 8+4 ultra-long drying tunnel, high adhesion, not easy to shrink and slags off.

(2) international leading knitting equipment, standard needle rows 252, 420, 1008 etc., for making more higher density lawn.

(3) precise cutting equipment, smooth lawn spreading, beautiful generous

(4) two-way sizing base cloth, configured with a heavier & thicker 120g grid cloth, low grass pullout rate and drop-out rates.

(5) high fibrousness grass yarn, super anti-aging rate of the lawn, with working life 3-8 years as per different types of the lawn.

Meanwhile, the ordinary high-quality popular lawn also can be supplied, and general output of 26,000sqm/day, there are many inventories of standard lawn, batch order delivery 3-5 days; 

non-standard customized lawn, fast batch order delivery 10-15 days, so don't worry about price and delivery time too.

If there interested to further discussion, welcome an inquiry list to us, or a catalog to you next time as a beginning of mutual understanding, ok?

Look forward a kindly response :o)


Iori cheong

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